Forty, Fit & FabulousNo: 7

So I have graced an appearance through my blogs, not leaving it for weeks out.

In my last blog I shared some Mediterranean beauty tips for you to try, and hope it was of use? I also said in my last blog I would be posting pictures of myself and the so far results.

Firstly several months ago I was given medication that made me place weight. Thats right I gained weight and just over 2 stones of it, below is the picture.



After several months of training and eating well so far the result is this-


I didn’t go on any Herbalife crap, nor any fad diet to say the least, instead I ate more than I usually eat and trained. Some days I would train just over 3 hours, to some this is a lot, but for me I am used to it as when competing I trained 5 hours a-day, splitting it into 2 sessions for six days a week.

I am starting to see a definition especially in my back and arms and my stomach is coming into place and my legs are getting smaller, slowly.

What am I eating and what training am I doing.

Firstly I am a vegetarian, I do however eat free range eggs, and used to be a vegan. So my breakfast is cut into 2 firstly eating a bowel of porridge with flax-seed and pomegranate and half a spoon of coffee/black with no sugar. Two-three hours I will have 2 eggs scrambled and cooked in small amount of coconut oil, with 2 vegetarian quorn sausages. Hemp shake, Hour to two 3-4 variety of different fruits, then an hour later a handful of raw nut, and no I am not talking the KP brand thats cooked in vegetable oil. Prior to that 2 hours later again I would either devise a tofu dish or cook a salad with quinoa, then hour so a salad with just olive oil and vinaigrette, prior to that I would snack on 5-10 carrots dip in a small amount of home made humous. Then 2 hours later a bowel of home made soup, that consists of vegetable soup, carrot & coriander, butter scotch are just some to mention.

I train 5-6 times a week as well as on top teaching various classes.

I keep my routine up adding various extra exercises as I get fitter  along the way.

This is just the start to my journey, I was planning to compete this year, but now I have decided to pros-prone it till next year, after all its my forty birthday coming up in August, but it doesn’t mean I can’t have a head start, unlike my last competition when I stressed my body out, though I got my result in 4 months but I only went mad knowing I was going to have time out for a few months as I had surgery, so I have learnt from my mistakes and living and breathing still to this day by making the best investment, myself and my health!

Till the next time keep smiling and keep healthy its all about investing in you!

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