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What you are made to believe, but is it right?

As a writer and blogger, it is my job to research topics relating to health, well-being, and fitness.

Recently I have noticed how many fitness professionals are advertising quick blast workouts.

With endless social media posts of quick routines to try, they portray them as getting you that summer body.

Question is, can a quick 10-20 min blast a day get you that summer body you have always desired?

Realistically the answer is no!

However, a quick 10-20min routine does promote you to move and get that heart rate moving.

I suppose it’s better than being a constant couch potato, but is it really?

You might get a quick 10-20min spurt of raising the heart rate, but is this enough in losing weight?

The other factor is it enough to make your body toned?

In reality, 80% of achieving a better tone body comes down to nutrition and only 20% is exercise.

Then there are body types

This doesn’t interpret to just eating well, physical exercise is required, more so if you belong to ‘Endormorph’ body type.

Endomorphs are the body type who have the hardest trouble of all body types in losing weight.

It is recommended to do at least 30min of interval training 3-4 times a week in order to shed the pounds.

With it, another 30min should be added for moderate weights.

For best results-hyper trophy training (heavy weight, low reps) alongside your cardio and hit training.

Endomorphs are similar to Mesomorphs body type in the sense they can both place weight on quickly.

The difference though with Mesomorphs, they can lose weight quicker and obtain muscle mass easier.

And there’s the other factor of the Ectomorph body type, this one struggles to place weight on.

Because Ectomorphs find it hard to place weight on, does not exclude the fact they too need to exercise.

Cardio is required to promote the heart working better to avoid heart-related diseases.

Weight training to promote muscle mass, in order to protect the bones over the years.

Lastly, just because they don’t gain weight easily and can eat what they want, does not mean they can’t get diabetes type-2.

From eating what they want, this could be in form of processed carbs, that raise levels of insulin quicker, when consumed.

This applies to all body types

Another thought: is 10-20 min enough time to release endorphin?

Endorphins are the good chemical that is released from the brain making you feel better, occur whilst exercising.

Another factor is ‘Cortisol’  also known as the ‘stress hormone’. the more you stress, higher the cortisol.

Having high levels of cortisol in the body, a great example of consuming fat around the abdominal area.

Regardless if you are an Ectomorph, fat still can sit in the abdominal area, if levels are high.

What they want you to think

Alright, we have established we live in a world where it moves fast and people live a busy life.

Fitness professional and major weight loss distributors have acknowledged this.

You guessed it they are exploiting it and have been for years.

But take a second out to think about this:

The calorie counting went from, the 2-weeks bikini diet, to the 90-day challenge and now 10-20min workout.

Yet obesity and type-2 diabetes are rocketing at a staggering second and that’s worldwide.

But don’t worry you live a busy life so we can cater a quick fix, meal replacement and now a quick exercise routine.

You just give me your money, even though I know this won’t last in the long run.

It’s plain and simple if any of the above-mentioned actually worked in the long run.

Surely experts would b using these methods in order to combat health-related diseases, adding that beach-ready body?

Investing in your health is by far the best investment you will make

When an artist is creating a painting or a designer is designing an amazing product, invention or building etc, either rush.

Time consistency and effort are all required in order to maintain and that’s for the long run.

How they do this is plain and simple, they invest their time in order to be able to produce excellent results.

So how is it hard to invest in yourself?

The philosophy behind this is

Take a step back for one moment and think:

  • Is your life so demanding that you don’t have time for yourself?

Then ask yourself this:

  • How much of your time do you spend on others, most likely don’t appreciate it?
  • When you need someone there, are they there for you?

I bet you have an answer to all three questions I have just addressed?

More so- I bet you find that you’re giving and a lot of people are takers.

It’s plain and simple what I am going to say next.

  • Why should you rush your exercises?
  • Should your health come second?
  • Why shouldn’t you nurture you?

This is your health for crying out loud if you’re not taking care of it, do you really think these people will?

I get some peoples time is taken up from family and it is to be expected, especially for those that have children.

Just think, what an example you are setting for your children if you are bringing them up thinking it’s alright to rush stuff?

You are their prime role model so bare that in mind?

Right to the point

So the moral of the story is this, strive for perfection don’t rush stuff it dont work.

Instead aim to be the best version of and yes you know you can spend more time investing in your health.

Now the decision is yours?



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