Mindset: just how important is it?

Let me begin by asking you this:

How many times have you started a new hobby, mentally not enjoying it, therefore, given up before you start?

Your intentions were good to start with, but because life throws stresses, now mentally you’re unable to focus.

For a lot of people, this is a problem, all because their mind set is not focussed and attitudes not realised.

The truth is this

The brain is designed to feed off negativity, but it’s also designed to perceive positively if allowed.

Encouraging positive thinking is an asset, in combating stress and future illness that stress brings.

Stress is a killer

We have all heard the saying stress is a killer, with a lot of professional medical reports backing this.

Yet a lot of people continue to stress, forgetting that stress will not bring an outcome.

Instead, stress gives you restless nights not been able to sleep because your mind is running overload, loss of appetite.

This leads to mood swings, rational thinking, indecisive actions and worse of all health related diseases.

Not only that, you are placed out of touch with your attitudes towards people/tasks, in general, and your lifestyle.

Balancing body & mind

Through healthy eating and regular exercising, will help assist more with releasing endorphins.

Endorphins are feel good chemicals that are released from the brain when exercising.

When you are feeling good about you it’s easier to take positive actions and continue this feeling.

The point is not many do, opting for the negative thoughts rather than positive.

What you should remind yourself is this.

Stressing won’t change a thing but action will, that actions come when you take it.

It begins with mental actions

Mindset the importance

Firstly before you take physical action, it begins with a thought.

Ask yourself this. How many times have you thought of changing your lifestyle, you want to but have never taken action?

It doesn’t have to be related to fitness, it could be moving location ending a relationship, you get the picture now right?

Even though you get that thought, does not mean your chosen action will take place.

But when you develop your mindset your thoughts become an establishment set of attitudes.

When understanding your attitudes you relate to what mentally and physically is serving its purpose in life.

What you can do to promote a mindset

If you are having difficulty developing a mindset here are some tips:

  • Ask yourself this; who inspires you or is a role model to the person you want to be?
  • Examine your current beliefs are they serving their purpose to you?
  • Shape your mindset with vision and goals, do you have any?
  • Find your voice; we have a gut instinct, do you listen to it, or find you are repeating the same actions?
  • Protect your mindset: is there any negative influences/people around you?


Now you have an idea what having a mindset entails, the question now is will you develop one?



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