Why it’s healthy to compete with yourself


Once upon a time, it was more considered amongst women to be competitive towards one another, than men.

  • Who’s the slimmest
  • Being the prettiest
  • Taking someone’s shine to be the center of attention
  • Sexiest
  • Wearing the latest fashion

Time has evolved, it’s equally fair to say, men are just as bad as women when it comes to competing with other men.

  • Muscular physic
  • Driving the best car
  • Having more money
  • Seen as important person to others

I could go on all day here, I know you get the picture by now. It really is a never ending story, when trying to compete with the world.

What you need to be asking yourself is this; what am I actually accomplishing by competing with others?

It’s a good question to ask yourself: just think athletes need to be competitive as it’s part of their sport, what is your excuse?

When you compete with others, your more inclined to pay unnecessary attention towards them.

When doing this you automatically loose touch with your abilities. Not with me? let me enlighten you:

  • Loose your ID
  • Not in touch with your feelings, too busy trying to fulfill others
  • Not knowing your needs
  • Build stress levels unnecessarily
  • Missing out on life
  • Troubles with emotions
  • Not familiar with your likes/dislikes like you should be
What you should be doing

Competition is healthy, but it’s more healthy when you’re competing with yourself and pushing yourself to become the best version of you.

I am not talking about being harsh on yourself when you can’t do something you automatically give up before trying, quite the opposite.

Taking control and able to find your bearings, when you’re faced in an unfamiliar zone to what you’re used to.

The benefits of competing with ‘You’

  • Realising strengths you never thought you had
  •  More efficient at tackling new tasks
  • Confident in yourself
  • Making decisions & sticking to them
  • Socializing, you appear more confident
  • Knowing your needs
  • Aware what makes you happy and not
  • Balance body & mind

Who would want to compete with someone, all that time wasted when there are valuable lessons in life to learn.

It appears some learn, whilst overs prefer being the shadow, following sheep syndrome, allowing it to consume their life.

The truth is, if you have reached in your thirties and still carry this attitude, the likely chance’s, this will continue right through to your forties and even fifties if you don’t take control.

I had a friend who is 42, for some reason thought I was competition to her. If her fad-diet had gone wrong and she had placed the weight on, I would never see her.

But the moment she lost weight, she made sure we would meet up, by constantly phoning my phone until I respond.

It took me a while to realise her actions, I could have done the same to her, constantly phoning her phone to arrange time together, but I was better than that.

I remember shaking my head and thinking, wow your 42, insecure and only want to see people when you have lost weight, how pathetic.

Quickly I made my mind up to instantly eliminating her out of my life, as friends don’t compete with each other but support.

I pretty much am still the same and the older I have got I am more than content with myself, more so I enjoy my own company.

Less really is more when you truly know how to translate it. To me, it means less negativity and more positive thoughts.

Next time you are faced with competing with others, ask yourself this are they worth competing with?





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