Food Intolerance


In this day and age with so much variety of foods on the market, it’s not surprising that the rate of people suffering from food intolerance has risen, with most people believing that they are eating healthy not knowing their insides are struggling to digest foods.

Symptoms such as fatigue, not been able to concentrate and perform physically & mentally, as one should, even when eating what one would consider a healthy diet, to their inside is not.

Knowing what foods are right for you and what your digestive system is able to process without issues, will guarantee you performing like you should.


How it works:

Its very simple and all instructions are enclosed with the food intolerance kit when purchased. The test requires you to prick your finger for a blood sample and place on a stick (that’s supplied with the kit), you simply fill out a form stating which test you require from the 4 listed below with additional information and place it in the box  with the prepaid envelope and just post it, its that simple; If you require me to do the test an additional fee applies: For more info email: info @

Who’s the test ideal for:

Weight loss

Competition prep/bodybuilding- for (best results) 

Elite athletes wanting to perform their best

Symptoms of sluggishness/ fatigue/ tiredness/lack-concentration


I am a qualified Lorisian Practitioner who can offer four tests:

[wp_cart:Lorisian 150:price:310.00:end]

Lorisian: 150- test’s for 150 foods+  £310

[wp_cart:Lorisian 100:price:220.00:end]

Lorisian: 100- test’s for 100 foods £220