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Forty, fit and fabulous

Helena Philippou


Personal Training, Nutritionist intolerance practitioner, and Brunel Practitioner

Be the Endorphin warrior & kick S.A.D where it hurts

If your anything like me and despise the winter season, then this is a defiantly read for you.

I can't stress how much I despise winter, what is there really to like?

The limited daylight, the freezing weather all equal into a low energy you.

But can you stop this?

The answer is yes!

You're asking why?

January is here and everyone's back on the New Years resolution bollocks!

'This is the year I will get fitter, it's all about me',
Heard it all before!

It actually becomes repetitive and quite frankly boring to hear, the same shyte.

The point that is massively missed, is that of an individual's thinking process.

That's right your 'mindset'.

If you think that waiting for the 'New Year' to come and all will change; sorry to upset you but this not answer.

Simply, 'You' are deluding yourself...

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Make a contract to yourself

It has been a long time since I posted a blog, lucky me is working from home today and have some time, so here goes!

Those that know me know I am a fitness professional,  I also Life Coach.

Recently one of my clients was having trouble sticking to things that where beneficial to him.

So, I suggested he write a contract to himself which he did, though was puzzled to why it was necessary.

I highlighted all that was needed from him in order to begin his path, but he was to focus on promoting procrastination.


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