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Why questioning yourself can help you achieve a better healthier lifestyle

In with the old out with the new

It's a no-brainer that we have come into the New Year 2018, with most seeking that healthier lifestyle. The famous New Year resolution becomes the holy grail of starting that healthy lifestyle regime. After a month if your lucky 2 months, it becomes a distant thought and your right back to where you started. Does this sound too familiar to you?

Just why does this happen?

Instead of following bullshit traditional New Years Resolutions, why not listen to yourself? When the body collides with the...
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It’s the season to be jolly so make it jolly

Nearly the end of this year

We all know it's fast approaching the new year, Christmas is coming up to some it's a pig out feast. After all the New Year is fast approaching, so it's an excuse to get that New Years Resolution in place right?

Realistically, for most this isn't the case!

After a month that healthy lifestyle is thrown faster out the window before you blink your eyelid. I will be quick and brief on this blog, by stating don't wait until the New Years to kick-start. It's important to realise that your health is a valid gift...
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Mental health a subject that get’s ignored: part 3

Re-cap on the last blog

Hello again, with a long pause due to the flu, you really wanted to hear that, but tough I am stating it lol! I explained the difference between mindfulness and having a state of mindless. Giving you a clearer view of pharmaceutical companies and their roles of gaining money at the expense of your mental health. I also gave you a break down on what causes depression. I ended the last blog stating I will be writing another one regarding the benefits of meditating. In this blog as well...
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