My Method

Helena-Phil fitness way

Introduction                                                            images      

I combine my experiences once weighing 15 stones and feeling the no good factor.

Through life coaching & Psychology skills gained.

I adopted a positive mindset & everything become a matter of moderation.

Thinking about my actions lead me to better my eating habits, and exercise more regular.

Everyone that knew me saw the difference!

This inspired me to go onto helping others reach the same benefits as I have, by qualifying as fitness professional.

Helping clients identifying their mental barriers is just the start; the finish is all about eliminating them not for a short period but for good.


80% comes to nutrition & 20% is exercise!

Excuses are for quitters the question is how much do you value you?

The first step

I make it a must in getting to know my client’s lifestyle, is a essential starting ingredient:

First session and consultation:
  • -Fat Pinching
  • -BMI & Fitness Testing
  • -Nutritional Advise
  • -Weight & Measurements
  • -Advice to keep on track
  • -Learning my clients mental behaviour & lifestyle

All clients are advised to keep a food diary prior to a week working with myself and continue for best nutritional advice and guidance.

It’s a must to have these tests prior to working with me in order for my clients to get the best-tailored programs and lasting results.



After your initial consultation I will have a good idea of the level you are at regardless of your active ability.

With my tailored workouts I have designed especially for you it’s down to business.

It’s all about pushing the boundaries with moderation and getting the best from you both mentally as well as physically.

My workouts are tough but, I always get the results!

Combining my experiences and 25 years knowledge, I am able to cater for all abilities.

I guarantee not only to educate you, but to get your body looking at its best making you feel physically & mentally on a high.

Training the old with the new

So many fitness fads in and out of fashion, I make it a must investing in the best suitable equipment and exercises for my clients and needs.

I have reached a level were I know what equipment to floor based exercises are best suited for lasting results.

Investing in your health can be made easy

We live in a nation were a quick fix to losing weight  & looking good is constantly in our face.

Most trying endless methods with zero results, what will work for one person won’t for you.

Have you thought of it like this?

Whilst your following silly fad diets, to simply not eating properly, your body is missing needed nutrients, resulting in:

  • Fatigue and feeling low all the time as well as looking older than you actually are.
  • What about your heart, doesn’t that need working out?
  • Perhaps your joints are stiff and you have no muscle mass shielding your bones, in the long run becoming brittle bringing on osteoporosis?
  • Then there’s lack of endorphin release bringing up high level of stress.

Quick fixes cannot guarantee a long result, however investing in your health is the best investment by far you can make regardless of your ability.

Remember you can’t buy health but you can lead ‘You’ to a healthier lifestyle, not for a short period but for good.

Get in contact today and make the best investment to that healthy lifestyle by letting me guide you to the best version of ‘You’.

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