As a parent you should be setting an example to your children, right?

Being a parent:

When you are a parent, it's right to want the best for your child. Wheather it is the best clothes, life. Full stop, it's natural to want a better life for your child than you had, which is totally natural. Providing food on the table is a priority to keeping your child alive and to grow. Some parents struggle with everyday life, some are single and some are financially better to give their children a better life.

Wheather you are a single parent or not, your children will always be your priority!

But have you thought it of...

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Why you shouldn’t be following celebrity diet secrets

How many times have you bought a glossy magazine and read a celebrity diet secret?

  Without giving it thought your eyes wonder to the flawless picture of a celebrity. Embracing the whole page with their perfect toned body, staring you right in your face. Now, pulled in to this mental vision and thinking, wow I want their body! After acknowledging their picture, you scroll down the page and the caption reads; So and so celebrity new body, thanks to the blah blah diet they do. Automatically you want to do the same.

Everyone's guilty!

I know I have been in the past,...
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Yes, women can have high levels of Testosterone

My story

Recently I was feeling really tired all the time, baffled as I was getting enough sleep and eating well. I also noticed I was breaking out in zits when I normally don't, apart from when it's my monthly cycle. But my zits were breaking out, more so around my lip area, even when I had finished my monthly I was still getting them in the same area.

      I knew this was a sign for either (Polycystic ovary syndrome -PCOS) or unbalanced hormones of too much Testosterone. Read more