Why you should be keeping on top of your game with your health coming into winter

As the autumnĀ approaches

For us Brits and many European countries, this year's summer been awesome. Basking over 2 months of pure sunshine has been beautiful, for some unbearableĀ and some liking it.

But I can't help but notice this.

Teaching various classes I have noticed when its summer the classes are more fuller, supposed to when it gets colder. It's funny how so many people assume that working out constantly throughout the summer will get them gains.

The reality is this

You might shed a few pounds within a month, but what about the rest...
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Stop judging and see the bigger picture

The cosmopolitan magazine does the opposite

Recently Cosmopolitan magazine exchange its front cover of slim looking Celebs for the bigger figure. Tess Holiday an American model proudly embrace the front cover beaming her proudness at her size 26 figure. But not everyone could see the bigger picture, and it wasn't long before the trolling started. Celebrities like Pierce Morgan branded it as promoting obesity, along with others. His exact words were; 'dangerous and misguided'. Check the article out by following the link below: Whilst some saw it as embracing the inner confidence, acceptance of size and proud of the skin you...
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As a parent you should be setting an example to your children, right?

Being a parent:

When you are a parent, it's right to want the best for your child. Wheather it is the best clothes, life. Full stop, it's natural to want a better life for your child than you had, which is totally natural. Providing food on the table is a priority to keeping your child alive and to grow. Some parents struggle with everyday life, some are single and some are financially better to give their children a better life.

Wheather you are a single parent or not, your children will always be your priority!

But have you thought it of...

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